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    Each individual , whether a student or a mentor, interacts mutually in a friendly environment to share the longs and …

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    Curriculum is devised after an in- depth analysis of various student centric perspectives. Student is made to learn through activity …

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    The prospective students do not need to worry about hectic schedules and time management issues. Timings are adjustable as per …

The Aim Of Skylite

Skylite has aim to educate the youth Rabwah so that we can make our identity not just in Pakistan but at international level. We have target to make youth motivate towards IT and make them able to stand on their own feet.Keeping in mind the benefit of youth we set the fee structure as affordable as possible.All Courses duration are two months with just two installments. Students are not forced to submit fee in advance rather they can pay two installments once they have started the course. On the other hand we provide student friendly environment, classrooms are equipped with modern PC’s and air conditioners as well as library loaded with IT magazines, like Global Science and net mag.No other platform in Rabwah, even in any nearby city, offers the course on that low fee compare to facilities we provide. So don’t make it late to acquire wonderful opportunity

Why Choose Us

Skylite Institute has a history of living up to the expectations of incoming students by providing   quality education with innovative designs, flexible timings and affordable fee structures.

Intellectual Development

Skylite Institute believes in exploring the innate abilities of students. Intellectualism thus becomes the defining force in determining various educational …

Innovative Ideas

Innovative and out of  the ordinary ideas and thoughts from students and professionals are welcomed. The management longs for entertaining …

Global Education

    Skylite Institute alters and manoeuvres teaching resources and methods, time and again, to align themselves with global requirement

Certificate Recognition

Certificates and diplomas awarded under the label of skylite Institute are well recognized and are given due worth nationwide and …

Our Students Success Stories

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Green Computing Practices And Environmental Sustainability


Green computing is a general term for adopting environmentally friendly techniques in various computing operations. The global environment is degenerating at a very faster pace. Ozone depletion and resulting global warming are creating havoc as we are used to extreme weather patterns, more intense natural calamities and unpredictable rainy seasons. The application of eco-friendly techniques to reduce carbon emissions from IT-related operations has become a necessity. The carbon footprint from IT firms, software houses, call centers must be controlled. Our computers need to go green for productive, cost-effective and sustainable outcomes. A gradual shift from renewable to nonrenewable energy sources in tech-based industries shall positively contribute towards long term sustainability.