Search Engine optimization (SEO)

The process by which you tell the Google and other search engines about your business is called Search Engine Optimization. This is a rising field nowadays in the era of information technology (IT). In this process you tell the Google and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Ask and many more about your business. One another purpose of Search Engine Optimization is that you actually tell the online community that who you actually are? Why you are? What you are providing regarding there searches? So, various steps are involved to understand the process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Suppose you have a website, and you want to get audience on it what will you do? There are many ways, either you make more and more friends on Facebook and tell them about your website. But there is a big audience sitting on Google.

You are providing some services and anybody search for services which relates with you and many more portals are doing the same thing. If they have adopted the Search Engine Optimization technique then it means Google and other search engines are showing them instead of you because you didn’t tell Google or any other Search engine about you portal or simply you didn’t do Search Engine Optimization. So I am going to explain something relates with Search Engine Optimization that what are our outcomes and why you need to learn this.

So in this field what you learn is various techniques to optimize your website in search engines. There are many steps and much more in this field but I am going to let you go through a general overview about this field.

In this field there are two major terms are involved i.e.

1) On-Page SEO

2) Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO

In this field you have to optimize the webpages of your online portal according to the search engines policies. What are the policies? You’ll learn while doing the course from Skylite Institute of Information Technology (SIIT). In this process you give names to the images on website, make titles according to Keywords. Keywords are the most search words by the people. You put these keywords in your website according to search engine rules. You make the URLs of a website and design them in a structure just according to the rules defined by search engines.

Once you have done the On-Page SEO now it is the time to tell the search engines about your online portal. How you tell the search engines? The answer is you put a ‘Code’ given by a search engine into your website and submit a Site-Map in search engine which tells the search engines to include your web site data in their servers.

Once you have done the work on your website and you have told the search engines about your portal. Now the question is there are many portals that are providing the services as you are providing. From this point a process starts which is called OFF-Page SEO

 Off-Page SEO

This is the main process of SEO. You can also call is Back-Bone of SEO. In this process the main thing you need to learn is Back-Linking. How you can do back linking is the Question now.

There are many methods to do back linking which you will learn in this course. You did On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Back-Linking and other stuff necessary and related for SEO. Now the question is, how search engines rank you up? And how they put you on the top pages of search engines?

Answer is simple, this process is like ‘Vote’, and it means that as you have obtained more votes you are at top. Now quality of vote depends, like it is coming from bad person or authentic person. So ‘Vote’ is a Back-Link which is pointing your website from other websites. If website is authentic means you have obtained good Back-link. But if website is not authentic and has bad reputation, it means it is harmful for your SEO.

This was an overview what you are going to learn in this course. No doubt it quite technical task to do SEO, but we’ll make it very easy for you to get the rank of expert.