MS office

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office suite of products developed by Microsoft Corporation, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Outlook, serving different purposes and making lots of professional tasks easy and less time consuming. The bundled set of application is compatible with both Windows and Mac .

Almost every PC user is aware with Microsoft Office toolkit but their awareness is bound to use it for simple purposes whereas in depth story is beyond simplicity, you can create amazing documents, eye catching presentations, and make Excel sheets to save records as well as lot of other interesting stuff you can do with the packages of Office.
Following are the brief notes on widely used components of MS Office.
MS Word is a great tool to create visually enhanced document. With the features of Word software, you can use different types of formats and sizes of letters, find replace word or phrase, change the page layout, add table, pictures and charts. Heading to advance features you come up with the formats of documents and its integration with Outlook for mailing.
MS Excel allows users to organize, format and calculate data with formulas using spreadsheet program. The sheets are divided into rows and columns where you can make entries.
Excel is very flexible unlike folks think it is hard to use. From corporates to daily life it has dozens of functionalities such as making school records, employee details in daily life you can list down of monthly expanses and budgets.
Microsoft Office also provides PowerPoint Presentation with an interface to design multimedia slides to display on projector system. Users can incorporate text, images, sounds and videos to create amazing presentation
Whether you are a teacher, student or working in corporate it is a plus point for you to have PowerPoint skill as you will have elegant key notes while you are briefing a topic.
The above highlighted components are parts used generally, there are many other packages of Microsoft which can be integrated with Office suits to extend the usability of great toolkit.

Undertake MS Office at SIIT:
Keen to learn the great Office toolkit?
Focusing the wild demand of Microsoft Office Skylite Institute of Information Technology has included the MS Office as a part of programmes studied here. So, youth of Rabwah has a great choice to study the key area of IT in their home city under the professional and experienced staff.

Why to choose the course?

Importance of learning MS Office is very clear from earlier pointed uses of Office suit. If you are heading in IT field then having Microsoft toolkit’s dynamic knowledge would be very useful. And as you are aware Pakistan is growing on very fast pace in IT field and the technical knowledge of MS Office can make you perfect for many jobs.
Furthermore, Skylite Networks offers internship programs frequently, so you will have a bright opportunity to become a part of multinational corporate as you complete the course.