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Web Development

Web Development is an emerging need in IT field as more and more people are getting online to build their website. As far as the topic of blog concern it is easy to manage the Weblogs but if we talk about website, specifically the business websites or company’s website, there are many technical hurdles related to the topic. A normal human being doesn’t aware in-depth information about managing a website. Millions of people earn their living hood by doing Web Development easily setting at home all you need to have is some technical knowledge and access of internet to communicate clients. It’s a very vast field ranging from basic to advance languages. It is not as complex as it looks in first sight all it needs is some time.


Skylite Institute of Information and Technology (SIIT) is proudly offering Web Development course in the presence of Professional teachers, which have enormous experience and vast knowledge related to Development. You can avail this opportunity and become a Professional Developer in Rabwah.

Starting this journey from HTML, CSS and JavaScript leading to advance PHP, MySQL. Beginning this course from simple tools (Notepad and Notepad++) to professional (Adobe Dream viewer and Code Lobster). The course content will get you through Frameworks, including CoffeCup HTML, YII, and Code Igniter. And getting more inside, you will be able to use FTP and handling Database.

Following the completion of course you will have full command on making and managing websites of different type. Making a website isn’t a big deal the problem is how to run a website; you can also maintain website once you have developed. Technical issues related to transfer a Web Site from one domain to another domain, adding widgets and plug-ins on it to make it more appealing.

It will be no more hidden from you that how some amazing websites like CNN, BBC, Social networks like Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Gmail and Stumble upon work.

Additionally, you can take internship program in Skylite Networks as you have done your course. In conclusion, Skylite Institute is the best opportunity for our Local Boys to get in a big emerging field, in an environment where experts will handle you.



Skylite Institute

Skylite has aim to educate the youth Rabwah so that we can make our identity not just in Pakistan but at international level. We have target to make youth motivate towards IT and make them able to stand on their own feet.

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