Mirza Fareed

Mirza Fareed Ahmed’s Holistic approach is the reason of everything he has earned today. As a worker, Coordinator and teacher his emphasis is always on how to best meet the needs of the company he serves. He started his journey at Skylite as a trainee in Research Department. But, after seeing his Marketing Approach he was moved in Sales department.

After becoming professional and gaining exposure on Amazon and eBay stores, he started working in email marketing, this monumental journey is not finished yet. After spending sometime in email marketing he was called to serve SEO department, where he worked on 1000ftcables , skylite, iafrica  and ghanalive.

After serving almost every department, he developed a strong sense of devotion and started educating students and new comers. He teaches Computer Courses, MS Office and Computer Basic in SIIT. Along with that he is also monitoring the SIIT Library. With more than 5 years of experience in Skylite, Mirza Fareed Ahmed is the most senior person in Skylite.

MIrza’s philosophy is to always achieve your dreams and struggle to make a difference in the lives of others through knowledge and Wisdom.